Chassis Dynamometer – Customised to Meet your Unique Requirements

Hatton Systems offers a turnkey solution for the supply of new chassis dynamometer systems.  This will allow our clients to carry out precise and repeatable vehicle testing in laboratory environments.  The chassis dynamometer will consistently simulate specific driving conditions while the vehicle is securely restrained on the rolls.  A Chassis dynamometer can be used in a wide range of applications involving the instantaneous power output of the test piece, as measured at the roll surface (the tyre contact patch).

Our chassis dynamometer consist of pairs of rolls each joined by an AC motor and connected to an inverter drive system, incorporating an active front end all of which is controlled by a dynamometer computer system.  This synergy of components and systems offer full road load simulation, constant velocity and constant force modes.

Dynamometer Features

Our Dynamometer can be offered in 2-wheel drive (2WD) and 4-wheel drive (4WD) configurations and can suit both light duty and medium duty vehicles. The application may be in a range of environmental conditions including low temperatures (-40 degrees), wind tunnels or solar and barometric (reduced pressure) conditions.

Several options, some of which are unique, are available including:

  • automatic wheel centring that is fully synchronised left-to-right (vehicle alignment),
  • enhanced wheel centring, facilitating vehicle loading & removal,
  • automatic load cell calibration,
  • automatic roll covers cum wheel guards.


Additional accessories such as vehicle restraints and automotive test equipment are available. Alternative arrangements of motor and roll(s) can supplied. For example, a single, small diameter roll would be used for testing motorcycles. This would be mounted on the motor shaft to eliminate the variability in the force measurement caused by bearings. Smaller rolls than the “standard” 48-inch diameter may be used to provide a more economical solution when testing four wheeled vehicles.

Our clients choose us for one main reason.
We listen to what they need.

Our clients choose us for one main reason, we listen to what they need and then design and build a chassis dynamometer that meets these needs, whilst complying with relevant international standards. We build very strong relationships with our clients so they know that when they have a query it will be dealt with quickly by an expert.


Engineering Excellence comes as standard.
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Mileage Accumulation Tests

Mileage accumulation dynamometer testing enables consistent testing of the vehicle for extended periods in a controlled environment.  These can employ either the standard 48-inch rolls with AC motor-in-the-middle configuration or larger 63-inch rolls for sustained higher power outputs.  The dynamometers can be set to run for long periods of time so that the performance and endurance of the vehicle can be evaluated.

We can provide a robot driver to facilitate continuous running as well as specialist monitoring equipment, which can collect all the relevant test data for future analysis. Using this process, you reduce this risk of losing assets and can test in controlled conditions, getting real-time data during the test process.

Another option is fully automated fuelling.  This further assists with continuous running, only stopping for periodic servicing of the vehicle or specific tests.


Fuel Consumption Testing

Our chassis dynamometers can be used for fuel consumption testing under controlled conditions. Car manufacturers will test their vehicles and report the results to the relevant authorities. The vehicle will be tested using standardised driving cycles which simulate set drive cycles, specified by Legislative Authorities.

The drivers watch a Drivers Aid screen, which shows their speed compared to a typical cycle, to mimic the cycle as closely as possible to get accurate results.  Typically, the fuel consumption will be derived from the exhaust emissions as the exhaust gases are analysed to a high level of accuracy and the fuel used strictly controlled.


Exhaust Emission Testing

As part of standard vehicle homologation and Conformity of Production practices manufacturers must prove that vehicles meet certain standards for exhaust emissions of air quality pollutants.

Our chassis dynamometers offer a platform on which accurate and consistent exhaust emissions testing for certification is safely, carried out, on 48-inch diameter rolls, AC motor-in-the-middle (MIM) configuration, with full road load simulation. Higher power equipment with the option for larger rolls, is also available for more demanding test cycles at high force and speed or durability work.

All emissions test equipment is designed to accommodate current international standards recognising the specified inertia simulation ranges, physical dimensions and performance criteria.  Our equipment will meet the requirements of Federal, European and Far East drive cycles including WLTP, ADAC, NEDC, FTP75 and US06 drive cycles.


Vehicle Component Development

Vehicle components are tested to establish their performance characteristics and durability. Our chassis dynamometers are available for testing of specific vehicle components within the measurement of exhaust systems and power train.

Our equipment can accurately simulate driving conditions and help to measure the performance of these and other vehicle components.


If an ‘off the shelf’ dynamometer just won’t work for you, then our team of experts are always ready for a new challenge!
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If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us by email or call us on +44 (0) 1246 251 647.


If you would like to find out more about how we can help you contact us by

or call us on +44 (0) 1246 251 647