Test Equipment


Test Equipment

Our vehicle testing innovators are always ready for a challenge!

We have long term relationships with all our automotive vehicle testing clients. The main reason being, if they need support with automotive test equipment then they can call us and we will respond.

We love a challenge and our team of experts are always ready to find an innovative solution which can meet our client’s requirements.

We have listed some of the special Automotive Test Equipment we have developed over the years for our clients, if these will help you then get in touch. If you are looking for something unique then we are always willing to ‘think outside the box’, exploring new ways to assist with bespoke automotive testing projects.

Vehicle Test Equipment Upgrades

We can assist with modifications and upgrades to a wide range of automotive test equipment, including that of other manufacturers, either at our premises or on site at your testing facility. Often clients approach us because we will consider upgrading any manufacturer’s chassis dynamometer.

We can often provide a more economic solution as an alternative to complete replacement. Not all manufacturers will offer this, even on their own equipment.

We have worked on a wide range of dynamometers and have a proven track record in delivering mechanical, electrical and control upgrades. This includes control system upgrades featuring advanced charting, data logging and automated calibration via a sophisticated GUI (Graphical User Interface). Conversion from flywheel inertia to full electrical inertia simulation is also available.


Engineering Excellence comes as standard. Call us on +44 (0) 1246 251 647 to find out more.


Castor Angle Tools

Castor angle measurement tools, or Castor Tools, are used to measure the suspension geometry of a vehicle. This tool is invaluable for the car manufacturing industry, they can take the measurements before the vehicle comes off the production line.

These tools were designed specially with the operators in mind, the operators can see clearly where to fit the tool and they can be confident that the measurements are accurate and reliable thereby saving them time.

We are particularly proud that one of our German competitors has stated that our Castor Tools are the best they have ever seen!


Exhaust Tailpipe Connectors

These are required to make a sound connection between a variety of shapes of exhaust tailpipe trim and circular exhaust hoses used in emissions-test facilities.  The connectors must withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees C and maintain a good seal with the tailpipe to avoid leaks, be robust and easy to use.

For the more challenging applications our customers ask Hatton to step in and deliver a solution.


Vehicle Restraint Adapters

When the Hatton Vehicle Restraint is secured to a test vehicle a connector is required.  Most passenger cars and vans incorporate a threaded socket in the chassis into which a screw-in towing eye can be fitted for vehicle recovery.

The Hatton Restraint Adapter is a custom-made connector that simply screws into this threaded socket to make a strong, secure and easy-to-use link between the two.  This is achieved without any damage to the test vehicle which is particularly important in COP activities.


Vehicle Restraint Clamps

When the Hatton Vehicle Restraint is used during automotive vehicle testing there are occasions when a clamp is required for vehicles that have a welded towing loop, e.g. Land Rover, Ford Rangers in Europe and F-Series Trucks in USA.

The Vehicle Restraint Clamps were designed in such a way that they can hold the vehicle securely in place on a chassis dynamometer and they won’t damage the car or paintwork. The clamps are simple to fit and wearing parts can easily be replaced.


Drivers Aid Screen

During most tests, a driver must follow a trace on a screen and mimic the test cycle as accurately as possible.

We have developed an improved version of the Drivers Aid Screen, with a short reach projector onto a very large screen.  This makes it easier for the driver to view the information required, so the trace can be followed more easily and errors reduced.

The Drivers Aid Screen can be raised up and when ready to run the test it can be driven down to the correct height and hand of drive to suit the test vehicle. This helps the driver to work in a more positive and comfortable environment. These are currently being used by Jaguar Land Rover.


Vehicle Cooling Fan

When carrying out automotive emissions testing legislation requires that the vehicle is cooled with a fan at a wind speed matched to the vehicle travel speed, simulating a moving vehicle.

We developed a vehicle cooling fan that complies with legislation, is easy to move and adjust by one operator, this meets all H&S rules and reduces the chances of the car being damaged during repositioning.

We have also developed auxiliary cooling fans for cooling side-mounted intercoolers for certain models of Land Rovers.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us by email or call us on +44 (0) 1246 251 647.


If you would like to find out more about how we can help you contact us by

or call us on +44 (0) 1246 251 647